Testing. Is This Thing On?

I have no idea what I'm doing; not a clue. I've never blogged...I've never kept a consistent journal...even my songs are written in all different places. But there is a first for everything!

As I wrap up my semester in Nashville, I realized I learned in the most random way. The classes we have are great. I learned about culture and how my faith looks in it. What to believe from the media and what not to believe. I learned how turn decent songs to good, or even great songs. I also learned from hands on work. I learned how to write songs in a different way by working with other artists. I learned how to work under pressure better. I learned how to listen for a full band instead of just for an acoustic and voice. I learned how to live on my own in a bigger city. I learned more about who I am. I learned which coffee shops have the best Chai Latte (Starbucks: not my favorite. Nevertheless, iced with half the sugar pumps will do the job. Frothy Monkey: best. cold or hot. Add espresso if you need caffeine.) I made new friends and learned from and about them.

I learned so much that learned doesn't even sound or look like a real word anymore. 

What I'm getting at is that no matter how difficult it was at points and how exhausted I am as I write this on my phone at 12:47 am, it was what I needed towards a successful career. I'm a better, more mature, well rounded person because of it. Sometimes, even if things aren't fun 100% of the time, they are what we look back on as a turning point in our lives. I am thankful.