I live a typo life

A few weeks ago, I reposted a link from my dad. He is partnering with World Vision and is running a full marathon to raise money for clean water. A while after I posted it, someone that I know messaged me to let me know there was a typo in his post. They tried to be nice, but the way they said it left me very frustrated. The more I thought about it that day, the more frustrated I got. 
Let’s be real, something like that should not have made me as frustrated as it did. I should have been slightly annoyed at most, but then gone on with my day. So why was that not the case? 
The reason I posted it was because I was excited for my dad. I was excited about the big story of what he’s doing. Clean water for one person for LIFE is $50. My 50 year old father is running 26.2 miles and working to raise $2,620. That’s clean water for life for 52 people. That’s AWESOME. 
In my mind, this friend pointing out a small mistake took away from that big story. Yes there was a typo, but what he’s doing is really admirable. 
I think we get tangled up in doing this in our own lives. We get wrapped up in small details and forget the amazing stuff that’s happening.
I get wrapped up in mistakes I’ve made, things not going the way that I thought, or stupid things I’ve said. I think about people who have hurt me and things about myself I want to change. I fail to see the excitement of life and instead focus to the problems. 
Yes, we should fix the typos that we can … if we said something wrong to someone that we should fix, it should be done. However, fixating on things we can’t change (or don’t matter much) will do nothing but leave us frustrated. Life is messy and crazy and things will happen. But let’s bring our focus from those details and look at them in the context of the beauty in the chaos.

I will be happy living a life that is full of typos because the story of life is what’s important.