I Know You

I opened the cat themed birthday bag to find an acid wash AC/DC shirt and a pair of cobalt blue narwhal socks. I couldn’t help but laugh because it was the perfect gift for my newfound classic rock-loving, cozy clothing self. 

Over coffee, I told my friend Kristen about my last week, about how I had been so stressed and anxious; about how I was overly critical of myself and I worried too much. Her response was “So you stayed in your room all week, didn’t you? I know you.” When I didn’t work or have set plans, I was in my room allowing my anxiety to grow from a small thought into a giant duffel bag of worry. She knew before I even said anything that I had been carrying around that duffel by myself all week. She was right. She knows me.

Sometimes we treat people like an accessory to our life. We like people because they bring fun to what we already have going on; they’re a “good hang.” They make us laugh and are fun to go out with on a Friday night. Like our favorite watch, they add to our lives but when we’re done wearing them for that day, we box them up until the next time we’re feeling it. 

But what a cool thing it is to be known and to know others. To have friends so invested in you that they don’t just like hanging out with you, but they KNOW you. To be that friend who can see when someone is having a bad day by the way the say “hello.” They know how you will react. They know your favorite things. They know who you are.

We will always have friends who are a “good hang,” a girls night wing-woman, that friend of a friend who you see when you all go out. But finding friends who know who you are, that is one of the best things in life. 

photo credit: Zoe Baum via Upsplash